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About the Project

The ultimate goal of Project Mathematics News Snapshots for High School is to decrease the gap between the ever-growing nature of mathematics and the stagnated nature of school curriculum by exposing high-school students to the rapidly growing area of mathematics, despite students' obvious lack of sufficient background to delve into its depth.

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The Digits
of Pi

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Sudoku –
More than
Just Fun

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The Fibonacci

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The Mobius
Strip and its

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A Surprising
about the
Digit 1

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The Art

The MNSs made me feel that I am now representing the mathematics community in front of my class

The Snapshots contribute to my knowledge and expand my horizons. I feel more confident in class

It is important for me to give my student a taste of what is known in mathematics, to show it is 'alive and kicking' even today, and can be found in many domains

I was greatly encouraged by students' motivation to learn and attend to extracurricular enrichment

I learned that there are so many hidden things to be found in math. Perhaps there is more unknown mathematics than what is already known

Even great mathematicians err. This makes them so human. And if they are allowed to make mistakes, I am too...

From the MNSs I learned that I shouldn’t give up quickly. If I can’t solve a problem, I have to try again, and again, because only if I insist I may succeed

Mathematics does not come easy even to professional mathematicians. But it's worth the effort.