The Digits of Pi

The main mathematical news

1999: Roughly 206 Billion decimal digits of pi are known.

2002: Over 1 Trillion decimal digits were computed, by using 64 processors.

2010: Roughly 5 Trillion digits were computed.

2018: Roughly 22.4 Trillion decimal digits.

Tides are turning: π is used in order to test the performance of supercomputers and to improve high-precision algorithms.

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Additional Theorems / conjectures / Open questions

*  Does each digit (0 to 9) have the same frequency in π?

*  Does each digit (0 to 9) have the same frequency in any sequence of digits of a given length?

*  Is there a decimal place from which onward a certain sequence is repeating?

*  Is there a sequence of 1000 consecutive zeroes (or any other digit) in π?

*  The sequence 31415926 appears twice within the first 200 million digits of π.

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The main mathematical concepts / Principles

Plane and solid geometry )MSC2010#97G40(

*  Ludolph‘s number/π

*  Approximation

*  Circumscribed/Inscribed circle

*  Perimeter

*  Diameter

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